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new TMI stills


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New TV trailer for TMI: City of Bones feat. soundtrack music

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Dad note

And here it starts. The beginning of “us” vs. “them”.I wish it didn’t have to be that way. They are my family too, I think. I don’t want to fight with them. Now, I’m angry with you that you left and I have to deal with this.


You left me today. You kept telling me you were tired but I wouldn’t listen, I wanted to keep you here because I was always going to be that little girl who needed her daddy. You left me today and I couldn’t breath, I had to use my inhaler a thousand times in order to be breath normally again. You left me today and I lost my best friend, now who am I going to complain about Tina to?. You left me today dad and if it weren’t for alyna I would have wanted to join u. this is the hardest thing I will have to do. 7-19-12

Dad note

I got to know Vicki. I see why you didn’t like her.


Sometimes I wonder if my I don’t care attitude is my switch that I refuse to turn back on because life is too hard. And instead of just turning it on a falling to peices I say “I don’t care”, cause its easier that falling.